Haleigh's Mobile Home Layout

Teresa Neves, the paternal grandmother, walked us through Haleigh`s double-wide mobile home on camera. A picture is worth a thousand words, and many unanswered questions were answered, thanks to Nancy Grace.

The mobile home on Green Lane is no longer a crime scene. The police investigators we are informed by Teresa did a good job of tearing up and ransacking the inside of Haleigh’s home. But, she managed to clean the place up and put it back together again in pristine condition.

It turned out that there is actually a ramp that leads up to the back door. The cinder block was used to prop open an outer screen door which makes a terribly loud noise when it closes automatically. But, allegedly nobody can actually hear it shut from the master bedroom. The inner door is solid and double locked with a deadbolt. It too closes automatically, but is often propped opened with dirty clothes available in the laundry room. You can literally grab some clothes while standing in the doorway from directly on the right side as you face the backdoor from inside the house looking outside. In addition, there looks like there is a big, long, solid, and tall wooden fence going along the back of the house which allegedly is blocking your view of a pile of cider blocks.

This door layout pretty much confirms the notion that anybody who knew enough to prop open the back door with a cider block would have had to have been very familiar with the house.

The master bedroom had two mattresses on the floor as beds. They were placed parallel and were about four feet apart. Haleigh’s tiny bed was just in front of the normally open door to the bedroom. Misty ran out of that open door to use the bathroom in the kitchen area during the night rather than use the master bedroom bathroom which was located behind a chest of drawers which held a television set on top of it. Haleigh’s bed was along the bedroom wall sandwiched between the television set and the open door. Any abductor could have easily scooped up Haleigh from the bedroom doorway without having disturbed Misty. The abductor only had to have walked about 14 steps to get to Haleigh from the backdoor.

What was most noticeable about the house was the lack of toys laying about and how empty and unlived in it looked. There was also a computer setup in the master bedroom along the bathroom wall on the other side of the television set. And, there was also a rather big fish tank in the Kitchen area.

Would have been a lot better, if Nancy Grace had dropped the DNA sample issue and simply walked us on camera from the pile of cider blocks, through and around the backyard fence, up the ramp to the backdoor. And, had a former burglar show us how difficult it would have been for an abductor to have broken in through the backdoor. Or, better yet suggest how somebody could have entered the home undetected.