One of the commenters on this blog stated that they actually believe that Caylee was killed as a result of an accident. Anybody interested in starting a discussion on this accident theory should reply to this post.

Not everyone is convinced that Caylee died as a result of asphyxiation from chloroform. Remember, we have not seen substantive evidence that this was the cause of death. We only know that there was the presence of chloroform in the trunk of the car. The forensic lab where the tests were performed refer to the quantity as “trace.” Nancy Grace, of course, describes the trunk as having been “saturated with chloroform.” While I never attended med school, the quantitative difference between these two standards seems vast to me. I am hanging with the science nerds on this one. Remember, too, that those same science nerds have cautioned us that a decomposing body naturally releases chloroform. Allow me to interject at this point that if ever it is proven to me that there was a higher concentration of chloroform in the trunk of Casey’s car than a decomposing body can exude, then I will consider the accident theory debunked.

Then why the computer searches on “uses of” and “how to make” chlorform? It’s entirely possible that this was idle curiosity on Casey’s part. You will recall that one of her boyfriends had posted remarks about chloroform on MySpace, and Casey’s research was subsequent to her reading her friend’s remarks. In fact, word on the street is that young adults have been experimenting with chloroform for some time. It reportedly produces a heightened sexual experience when used as prescribed by this peer group.

This case is so very highly profiled in the media, people are attaching too much importance to certain items of evidence while ignoring other facts which are just as significant, and just as deserving of examination.

One can cite the following:

George watches Casey and Caylee leave, wearing their backpacks, on the 16th of June. Within an hour and a half, Casey is frantically and repeatedly trying to reach her parents, alternating between their office phones and cell phones. The frenetic series of calls ended abruptly.

The Anthonys discover that the pool ladder, which had been securely locked in the shed, was reattached to the side of the pool.

This accident theory is rather simple. Casey and Caylee returned to the house after George had gone to work. (To pack more personal items? To ransack her parents’ house for something she could steal and sell?) I believe that Caylee begged to swim, and Casey relented. Caylee swam in her shorts because their swimsuits were already at Casey’s friend’s house. Casey may have watched her as any mother would, then taken her out of the pool so that she, Casey could go inside. She allowed Caylee to play in the fenced yard as she had dozens of times before. Tragically, Casey forgot that the ladder was still attached to the pool. Think about it, friends. We know that Casey is crafty and attempts to cover her tracks. If Casey was the one to place the ladder at the side of the pool, it would take an extraordinary event to cause her to forget to put it back. Casey discovered the horrific result of her negligence far too late, then attempted repeatedly to call her parents. As reality set in, Casey lost her nerve, unable to bear the consequences of her parents’ shock and grief, unwilling to admit that what must have been her one thousandth screw-up also happened to be the ultimate one.

We know that Caylee’s little body was in the trunk of Casey’s car for a minimum of two days. It was during this period of time that Casey concocted her story.

The discovery of Caylee’s remains on December 11th, actually bolsters rather than dispels the accident theory. Even though investigators believe that the probable date of death was the 16th of June, Caylee was found with a different outfit than the one she was wearing when George saw her. She was found in the outfit Casey dressed her in after she’d gotten her out of the pool the first time.

Can someone point to solid evidence that might serve to disprove this accident theory? It’s heartbreaking to watch this tragedy played on a global stage, especially if the investigators’ conclusions are wrong and Casey really is innocent of intentional homicide.