The Anthony family seems intent upon proving that blood is thicker than water, even when one member of their family clearly murdered Caylee; a totally innocent and beautiful three year old girl. Lee Anthony has foolishly testified under oath that he believes everything that his sister tells him.

A number of things happened on Friday, February 27th. First, the Nancy Grace show clearly established itself as tabloid journalism. Doubters only have to compare the coverage of the same event on both shows. Compare guest host Mike Brook’s comments about Lee still drinking the Casey Kool-Aid, as well as the airing of Lee’s video taped testimony, on the Nancy Grace show with JVM’s interview with Lee’s attorney.

But, I must say that I am rather surprised that Lee who previously has said on tape that Casey has stolen money from him as well as call his sister a diabolical liar; would allow that low-life Casey to run their family into the ground.

Enough is enough. Most normal families would have broken off all ties with Casey merely for her stealing money from other family members. But, when you add to that the murder of Caylee Anthony, I find it totally unbelievable that they are still publicly supporting her.

Lee, Cindy, and George Anthony better wise up fast or their family will end up losing absolutely everything.

Furthermore, the civil lawsuit of Zenaida Gonzalez seems rather stupid to me. Zenaida should have made Sawgrass Apartments one of the defendants. The Sawgrass Apartments after all are the ones who were required to keep her confidential apartment application, confidential. Plus, they have money. Then why is Zenaida only asking for $15,000 in punitive damages, a ridiculously low figure? That would not even cover the attorney’s fee. And, finally I would have gone after Lee, Cindy, and George for money damages.