Suspensions have been recently raised about Ronald Cummings’ connection to drugs. There are at least nine arrests for drugs on his rap sheet, but no convictions. Suggestions have been made that Haleigh could have been abducted in revenge for Ron’s drug activities.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, unlike Nancy Grace, actually had some breaking news on her last show. She did a good job at sketching out Ronnald Cummings’ connection to drugs. While the authorities have been denying it, it is entirely possible that Ron either was or currently is a drug informant.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, former district attorney and host of “The Judge Jeanine Pirro Show”: “I`ve got his rap sheet in front of me. This guy has been arrested at least nine times. He`s 25 years old. I`ve got him on probation three times, and it sounds to me, and I`ve got to tell you, Vinnie, it`s starting to make sense to me. For him to have so many dismissals, ultimately, and a refusal to go into drug programs with arrests for cocaine, as well as for marijuana, tells me he`s cooperating.”

Furthermore, members of Haleigh’s family are starting to publicly act like they are indeed afraid of somebody who might be seeking revenge.

Teresa Neves, the paternal grandmother:“I — I cannot — that — Nancy [Grace], that`s things that we (INAUDIBLE) with the detectives. I don`t feel like any of that information ever should have been released because I feel like you put my grandson in danger when you say, you know, that he can identify somebody or that he`s giving clues on somebody.”

Was that an allegation against Nancy Grace being made by Teresa? This is more of an indication that the family members may not be telling all that they know, out of fear for their safety.