On day 14 of the Haleigh investigation, we learn that the 4-year-old brother of Haleigh Cummings has suddenly decided to talk. What does it mean?

Maybe everything, maybe absolutely nothing.

Does anybody really know how a newly turned four old boy actually thinks? What was junior thinking about? Was it just a dad dream? Or, did he actually witness the crime?

Maybe he actually did see a man dressed in black take away Haleigh? Maybe not. Could have seen the MIB videos, one too many times. Maybe he simply rationalized why sissy was missing? Maybe he just wanted to get the attention of his female relatives? Who knows?

This change of events still leaves as many questions unanswered, as it has answered. Why didn’t the boy simply scream for help? Did the young boy also see Misty? How did the man in black obtain access to the mobile home? Did Misty still have something to do with it?