Misty Croslin 17-year-old girlfriend of Haleigh Cummings appears to have gotten the support of her new family, but the general perception of a changing story has cause her to loose all credibility in the press.

Misty comes from Michigan. Has been babysitting since she was 11 years old. And, has lived in Florida for about seven years. Misty Croslin and the father Ronald Cummings reportedly have been together five months living together in a double-wide mobile home in Satsuma, Florida. She neither works, nor goes to school. And, basically has been babsitting Ronald Cummings’s two children 24×7 except for the four days a month that they are visiting their mother, Crystal Sheffield.

Misty Croslin, 17-year-old girlfriend

She last saw Haleigh when the 5-year-girl went to bed on February 9th, 2009. Misty claimed to have woken up at about 3 a.m. and discover that Haleigh was missing. Ms. Croslin spent about thirty minutes searching their mobile home for missing Haleigh when Ronald Cummings arrived home from work. Soon thereafter, Misty called 911 and reported that “her child” was missing early on the morning of February 10, 2009.

The original AMBER Alert said that she was wearing a pink t-shirt when she disappeared. Later, it was reported that the pink t-shirt had been recovered.

The children were all sleeping together with Misty in the master bedroom. Haleigh was in a small toddler`s bed next to the television. She and the 2-year-old Ronald Cummings, Jr. were sleeping on a big single mattress that was laying directly on the floor. Misty Croslin claims to never have taken off while she was babysitting Haleigh on the day that she disappear.

Their home is currently considered a crime scene, so everyone is living in a nearby family tent.

Does Misty’s story make any sense to you? Would you trust a 17-old to babysit your children? Did Misty Croslin have something to do with the disappearance of Haleigh?