Breaking News: Nancy Grace callously trashes Mike Brooks comments about the Haleigh Cummings case on the air as if they were garbage. Brooks, obviously shaken, practically has a public melt down after receiving the treatment from Nancy.

Brooks was actually foolish enough to believe that Nancy would allow him to add his own two cents in on her tabloid journalism show. Mike was trying his best to zero on Ronald Cummings’s use of the phrase “you all.”

Nancy Grace rudely dished his comments by saying: “You know, Brooks, Brooks, save it. I`ve been in the dispatch office. I`ve seen.”

Mike Brooks manages to shrug off Nancy’s first rebuff by responding: “There was something else going on there, Nancy, I guarantee it.”

Bull dog Nancy had absolutely no problem with sticking her knife into Mike even deeper.

Nancy Grace: I hate to shatter your illusions, but that type of language amongst live-ins, married people, boyfriend-girlfriend, is not all that unusual, especially in a pressurized situation, right?”

Mike Brooks, CNN Security Analyst, that time got Nancy Grace’s message loud and clear. And, parts with a clearly angry and irate comment of his own.

Mike Brooks: Oh, OK. I don`t know what — no, whatever you say. You must have experience, because apparently, I don`t.

Yes, Mike, CNN Security Analyst, I hate to shatter your illusions but on Nancy’s show you either publicly kiss-her-ass or the yellow journalist will treat you like yesterday’s trash and throw you under the bus like garbage, even if you work for CNN.