The breaking news coverage of 5-year-old Florida girl Haleigh Cummings gets more desperate by the minute. Does anybody besides John find the news coverage of the Haleigh abduction extremely boring and inept?

On the Nancy Grace show we see people arguing over whether the back door had a padlock or a dead bolt? And asks whether Haleigh was actually sleeping in her own bed or in the same bed with Misty Croslin? And probing questions about keys.

GRIFFIS: “I have no — I have no idea if anyone has a key or if Misty or Ronald has given anyone a key.”

The most disappointing coverage was provide by Jane Velez-Mitchell who had the women arguing over pee.

Misty Croslin: “We had a blanket hanging on the window. And I had to wash that. And her blanket was — she had peed on her blanket the night before, I guess. And I took it and put it on there, but it smelled like pee. So I washed the blanket and gave her little sheets to cover up with. And she fell asleep. And I put a blanket on her and then I laid down.”

Velez-Mitchell: “So you hear Misty saying that the night before Haleigh disappeared, it would appear that she wet the bed, because she was going to put the blanket on and she smelled pee, as she said. And then she cleaned the blanket and put a sheet on the little girl instead and then later put a blanket on her.”

Maria Griffis, Haleigh`S Grandmother: “That`s not like Haleigh. Haleigh has wet the bed previously when she was a couple of years younger. But when she spends time with me and her mother, her mother would tell me if she was wetting the bed. She hasn`t wet the bed at my house. So why would she wet the bed at their house? Maybe they`d give her too much to drink or maybe she was in a stressful situation and wouldn`t go to the bathroom before she went to sleep.”

Gee, John thinks that is more pee information than he really needed to know about. And, what does all this invaluable breaking news coverage on pee, keys, padlocks and dead bolt locks have to do with anything?

Is Misty obviously guilty because she did not change the entire bed and flip the mattress, as all good mothers know exactly how to do?

John has a revolutionary idea! Why not report on breaking news when you actually have information that is worth reporting on?