Breaking News: Casey Anthony is no longer the lead story on the Nancy Grace show. The public memorial for Caylee is over. Her remains have been officially cremated. Caylee Anthony has finally been laid to rest on the Nancy Grace show.

Haleigh a 5-year-old Florida girl vanish from her own bed, a bed she was sharing that night with her dad`s 17-year-old girlfriend, and her four year old brother.

Blame was immediately directed to a five-mile radius of the home, where there are reportedly 44 registered sex offenders in the area. And, the police rightfully spent a lot of time searching the river because quite frankly the whole story does not make a whole lot of sense.

How can a sex offender come through a locked backdoor and remove a 5 year old child from a bed that was shared by two other persons without waking any of them up? Simply would not be possible under most circumstances, no matter how many times the girlfriend claimed that this is what happened.

Then there are at least two other stories brewing in the background with this Satsuma, Florida family, such as what was the father doing with an underage girlfriend?

The Nancy Grace show concluded with Padilla claiming that Casey’s fingerprints were found on the duck tape. Gee, at this point in time, Leonard I would just as soon wait for the prosecution to introduce their evidence during the course of the trial which may not even take this place this year than have it trickle in as second and third hand information on some tabloid news show. It is time for you to go back home to California, Padilla. But, please be sure to take your C.M.A. coded messages nonsense with you, as you go.