The Caylee Memorial turned out to be a very successful event that honored Caylee Marie Anthony. Lee, George, and Cindy all were able to deliver a very moving speech about what knowing Caylee meant to them at the the First Baptist Church of Orlando, Florida.

The event was about Caylee. Cindy Anthony, grandmother of Caylee, succeeded in planning a successful memorial . While most of the news coverage tried to turn it into all about Casey and coded messages being sent to Casey by Lee, it was nothing of the sort.

Memorable Comments Made by the Anthony’s

Lee Anthony: Said that their family was united, but “our family is incomplete” and talked about how Caylee taught him how life should be lived, how to be strong, and how to be weak.

George Anthony: “I can close my eyes and I can see her coming from her bedroom with her silly little glasses on, her beads, whatever it might be, to make me laugh.” And, that Caylee’s favorite food was green beans.

Cindy Anthony: On Sunday mornings Caylee’s “face would be right in my face, ‘Cee Cee, wake up,’ and she’d be right there” waking grandma up in bed.

While the Memorial called for people to be positive in honor of Caylee, Nancy Grace on her show succeeded once again in being as negative as possible about the whole thing. Perhaps, somebody should remind Nancy that Casey is in jail charged with Caylee’s murder? And there were far too many Kooks who couldn’t get past Lee referring to Caylee as C.M.A. Saying that Lee was sending coded messages to Casey who presumably was totally ignoring the Caylee Memorial, as if that would make any sense. Gee in a memorial about Caylee, could Lee possibly have been using C.M.A. as code referring to Casey rather than Caylee? Huh? Where do these people come from, asks John? Maybe they need a life?

John H. Gohde says that it is rather obvious why Casey Anthony was against a public Memorial for Caylee. She is still jealous about Caylee getting all the attention, that Casey so much craves. And so she did. It was clearly Caylee’s day.