For the last couple of days, Nancy Grace has taken upon herself the task of publicly disclosing the names of private donors to Casey Anthony’s prison canteen fund. Sorry Nancy, I do not care who you think you are, but that definitely raises a violation of privacy issue. Which should be a big no for anyone with a mediocrum of scruples.

As a website operator of an accredited health website that has to maintain certain quality standards, John H. Gohde is well aware of privacy issues on the Web. All financial donors to all sorts of charitable organizations always assume that they are donating under privacy. Unfortunately for some people like Nancy Grace that is simply not the case.

The former Bush administration unilaterally decided that all the detainees at Guantánamo Bay were sub-human creatures who had absolutely no fundamental rights to things like a speedy trial, or to even be informed as to why they were being held as prisoners. While John H. Gohde personally believes that Casey Anthony is obviously guilty of the worst crime possible for any mother, that does not mean that he will ever lower himself to publicly expose the names of individuals foolish enough to have donated money to Casey’s canteen fund. These people obviously assumed that they were donating under privacy. And, John unlike Nancy Grace is going to respect their right to privacy.

NANCY GRACE: “You know, it`s amazing all the people — to Natisha L… — that send in money to her. You know what? Forget it, Natisha. I think we need a shrink on this one. To Dr. Bethany M… — Mike D… (ph) from Michigan, Andrea S…, Fort Lauderdale, M. K… from California sending money so she can have chocolates and beauty products and expensive bottled water?”

Besides Casey’s canteen fund currently stands at just $445.00. So, that hardly is a staggering amount of money to begin with.

Apparently, in Florida the names of donors to prisoner canteen funds are considered public information, Tabloid Journalists like Nancy are all too happy to stoop to new lows. It is really amazing to John how in Florida videos of female inmates showering and going to the bathroom is not considered to be public information, since everything else appears to be.

Just remember this, if Nancy and CNN can get away with making a fast buck off of exposing your name on the air, they most certainly will, once given the opportunity.