The Nancy Grace show had real breaking news the other day, which of course completely escaped the Bulldog CNN News Anchor. The breaking news was not Casey’s defense attorney trying to slip her contraband nor her taking the 5th, but was rather Leonard Padilla wanting to see Cindy fry.

Leonard Padilla says that everything has a genesis.

“PADILLA: It`s Cindy. It hasn`t got anything to do with anybody else. It`s Cindy. She`s calling the shots.”

According to the latest Cindyism of Leonard Padilla, Casey did not get the name of the babysitter from the Sawgrass Apartments, nor from a combination of the two houses where the remains of Caylee were found.

LEONARD PADILLA: [Cindy] “does that constantly. Constantly, constantly. When she told me first before Casey told me about Zenaida, she says to me, Casey`s starting to talk now. Casey`s telling me that Zenaida took the baby away from her in Jay Blanchard Park. She sets the stage. Casey walks in and starts repeating the same story. That was all B.S. and she knew it. She does that constantly.”

PADILLA from the previous show: “I mean that`s Cindy all the way. Pushing the envelope. She`s going to get her way. Be damned her by golly.”

Despite Padilla constantly assuring Nancy Grace that Cindy is the only real obstructionist out of the bunch, the Bulldog continues to harp on Lee taking the 5th, and other such nonsense.

John H. Gohde says: We need to hear more breaking news from Leonard Padilla. Maybe Nancy should let Leonard host her show, once in a while?