Both Nancy Grace and Leonard Padilla have totally blown why Casey has been claiming that Zenaida Gonzales has Caylee. A commenter on this blog was able to figure out this mystery. Nancy Grace apparently does not believe in putting a lot of effort into researching her news stories. Since a minimal amount of research would have turned up the answer long ago.

The closest that Nancy Grace has ever gotten to the truth on her show is that pathological liars always include a little bit of the truth in their stories about what happened.

CASEY ANTHONY: Her name is Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales.”

ZENAIDA GONZALEZ, ALLEGED BABYSITTER: Why would you choose my name of all the people in Florida because I have nothing to do with them, I have never met them.”

Well, Zenaida Gonzales we now have the answer thanks to a commenter on this blog. The body was found in the middle of a wooded area that is adjacent to two houses on December 11th. The resident at 4709 Hopespring Drive, Orlando, Florida has the first name of Zenaida, while the resident at 4701 Hopespring Drive has Gonzales as their last name. To verify this information all you have to do is a white page look up.

So where is Caylee? Casey says Zenaida Gonzales has her, which is sick code for Caylee’s remains are buried there. Thus, Caylee Anthony was dead and buried by Casey, before she was even reported missing.

Casey liked to also say that she had a feeling that Caylee was near by. That is because she knew that her remains were buried just 15 houses from the Anthony home. Why? Because she is the person who buried her at Zenaida Gonzales in her own private, sick, and twisted fantasy world.