Nancy Grace is so bored with her coverage of Caylee Anthony that she has been repeatedly opening up every new show by repeating the same breaking news. Well, I am sorry Nancy. But, if anyone in America is not aware of this same old tired information by now then they are either dead or suffering from dementia.

Do we really need to hear Nancy Grace announcing one more time, the following?

“Breaking news tonight in the desperate search for a beautiful 2-year-old Florida girl, Caylee. Six months of searching culminates when skeletal remains found in a heavily wooded area just 15 houses from the Anthony home confirmed Caylee, manner of death homicide, the little girl`s remains completely skeletonized. This after a utility meter reader stumbles on a garbage bag containing a tiny human skull, including a skull covered in light-colored hair, the killer duct taping the child`s mouth, then finishing off by placing a child`s heart-shaped sticker over the duct tape, little Caylee`s tiny skeleton double-bagged like she`s trash.”

Then we have her take on Lee Anthony and his involvement in the Caylee Anthony story. Nancy is trying very hard to create a non-story about Lee’s approaching arrest, while the police continue to give a pass to Cindy and George’s obstructionist activities.

In a recent show, Nancy did managed to once again briefly mention Lee’s comment where he apparently walked out on the whole sorry affair by calling Casey delirious and in serious need of help. Nancy must have made a mistake because this is how John H. Gohde has always viewed Lee. Rather than being the rumored father of Caylee, John views Lee as the only remotely rational member of the entire Anthony family.

Is there really any possibility of Lee being arrested? Did Lee have anything to do with the disappearance of Caylee? What exactly is Nancy Grace’s problem with Lee?