When her father told her that she was the boss. Casey Anthony replied: “My entire life has been taken from me. Everything has been taken from me!”

Poor Casey, all she really ever wanted to do was to have fun and party. Now, the bad people have put an end to all her fun. And, her parents have been unable to rescue Casey from her new life in the poky. Things have gotten so bad that she regrets missing a chili party.

Maybe without a life, but Casey Anthony already has her own lost video tape. It was recorded from jail on August 15, 2008. With Casey, the 15th along with the 11th seem to be recurring numbers in her life. It is really amazing how major monthly events seem to be always taking place on monthly installments of the same day of each succeeding month.

On the 15th of August, Casey angrily yelled at her parents:

Do you understand how I feel? … Do you really understand how I feel in this? … I`m frustrated and I`m angry. I have no one to talk to! … I have no one to comfort me but myself. … I need to be looked at as a victim.”

While being in isolation is undoubtedly a horrible experience to go through, does anyone actually feel sorry for Casey? Is Casey a victim in this sorry tale?

Since then many more months have passed. I wonder how Casey Anthony is holding up with absolutely no one to talk to, nothing to do, beyond reading the bible while hiding under her bedsheets which she claimed to have done back in August. And, eating snack food. With no parties to attend. Poor Casey, … NOT!