Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter, acknowledged today that he was totally confused. His conspiracy theory fell flat on its face. But not before Padilla got his 15 minutes of fame.

As you may recall, the video tape of private investigator (PI) Hoover showing PI Dominic Casey searching for the remains of Caylee started out by saying they were looking only a few feet away from where Caylee was found on December 11th. Nancy Grace has been playing it now for a couple of weeks. The few feet away was begrudgingly admitted to be 150 feet, from the very beginning.

MARK WILLIAMS, WNDB NEWSTALK 1150: “Casey is shown with a metal rod probing the ground in about the general area where Caylee`s body was eventually found about 150 feet away.”

It was Padilla who started talking about them being only 12 feet away.

PADILLA: “I don`t know exactly how the private eyes got it. There could have been two sources. In other words, Kronk wasn`t getting the job done, so let`s get the private eyes out there. And then finally, whether the private eyes — see, the private eyes were just 12 feet from the body, but the body was submerged in a pool of water at that time. There was water there.”

Just like it was Padilla who started talking about PI Casey/Hoover knowing that Caylee was dead and where the remains were to be found. Leonard Padilla has been jabbering about that for weeks.

Well surprise, surprise, today we learned that the mystery person that PI Casey was talking to was a female psychic. So, why did the PI’s know that Caylee was dead, and where to look for her? Because this volunteer psychic told them. And, where did the PIs look for Caylee? One hundred and fifty feet away from where her remains were actually found. Even Padilla admitted today that he was confused about it being only 12 feet.

PADILLA: “I made a statement last night that he was 12 feet from the body when he was by the pavers. The pavers that he was at are 150 feet down from the actual site where the body was found.”

In short, Nancy Grace has been caught reporting manufactured breaking news once again. I am sorry Nancy, but a 150 feet away is not where Caylee was found. Nor, did Casey tell them where to look because it was most likely a psychic who told them where to search.

All that Nancy could add on today’s show was: Where are the cell phone records? Of course, bulldog Nancy Grace still had the nerve to claim that she was reporting on a major piece of evidence that would be introduced during the upcoming trial.

Sorry Nancy, but I am more incline to believe that this conspiracy garbage will be laughed out of court. Courts wont consider Padilla spinning yarns to be expert testimony.