Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News Anchor, has reported that the day of death for Caylee Anthony was June 16th, the day after Father’s Day. That Casey and only Casey dumped Caylee’s body where it was found by police on June 18, 2008. The body was there all along and was never moved by anyone.

According to this theory, the big fight that took place while Caylee Anthony visited her great-grandfather on Father’s Day almost immediately resulted in Casey killing her own daughter in a fit of anger. Caylee’s body remained in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s automobile 2.6 days. And that Casey was the person who hid the body in the woods near her house on the 18th of June.

All of this sounds all so neat, tidy, and factual when actually it is anything but. These assertions are not facts, but merely speculative conclusions made by the prosecution. Made by the same people who were totally unable to find Caylee Anthony’s body precisely where it should have been all along. It is purely opinion, that the prosecution will try to induce into evidence when they present a long series of expert witnesses during the course of the trial.

Supposedly, all of these assertions are based upon scientific evidence gathered by the crime investigators. There was, for example, a plant allegedly growing inside Caylee’s skull. This is the type of evidence that Dr. Henry Lee has been waiting for. This is the type of evidence that is going to delay the start of the trial. It is what is going to cause this simple case to have a trial that will last forever. And, it is precisely where people like Leonard Padilla and Roy Kronk will be used by the defense team to introduce reasonable doubt into the minds of the jurors.

All of which could have been avoided had only the police not bungled the investigation from the get go. Who is the party most responsible for this colossal waste of time and money? Who could have saved Caylee from death on the 16th of June? Who could have avoided this needless tragedy?