Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter, has been pushing a conspiracy theory for a long time. Yesterday on the Nancy Grace Show, Padilla did an excellent job of suggesting a connection between Lee Anthony, Caylee’s uncle, and Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found Caylee’s remains.

Leonard Padilla has been repeatedly talking about how Jim Hoover, the private investigator, told him that Caylee was dead and that her remains had been found back around the middle of November 2008.

If Padilla is to be believed then Casey Anthony would have to been able to communicate the location of the remains of Caylee to somebody without detection despite her being under constant surveillance. According to Nancy Grace, the grandparents George and Cindy Anthony must have been kept in the dark. The most likely conspirator is supposed to be Lee Anthony. If true this would explain why Lee suddenly felt the need to hire an attorney.

The conspiracy theory opened up by Leonard Padilla raises more questions, than it answers. Why would other adults willingly conspire to help Casey Anthony? Why would anyone in their right minds tell Padilla that they knew for sure that Caylee was dead and where the remains were located? Who would have tipped off Kronk where the remains were located? Why? And, why Kronk of all people? But If these issues are not true, then why would Leonard Padilla say that he witnessed Hoover making those comments?