For several days now, Nancy Grace has wrongly been blaming the delayed funeral for Caylee Anthony, deceased 3 year old, upon the Casey defense team for failing to do a timely autopsy. Announced today on her CNN News Show, the second autopsy was actually completed 5 or 6 days ago. Turns out that Nancy did not know what she was talking about, as usual.

Undaunted, Nancy still attempts stubbornly to blame the delay on the defense, when the delay was in fact being caused all along by the prosecution. The prosecution has stubbornly been delaying the released of evidence to the Casey defense team over a kissy-fit over autopsy pictures. That is the real reason why Caylee’s remains have not already been laid to rest.

Dr. Henry Lee, expert witness for the defense, is claiming that he has to see the prosecution’s evidence before he can figure out what tests the defense will have to perform. Hence, Caylee cannot be buried because more tests may have to be performed upon the remains.

Furthermore, if the prosecution wins their motions that will be decided upon tomorrow, the court trial could easily be delayed past the current March 2009 trial date due to time consuming access restrictions being placed on the prosecution’s evidence.