Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News Anchor of her own show CNN News Show spent close to an hour going over and over how a private investigator for the Anthony family had no valid reason for making video tapes. And, that one of them intentionally taped over incriminating evidence. Then near the very end of her show Nancy turned her venom against one of her own reporters who was covering the John Travolta tragedy. Something the reporter said seems to have set the moody Nancy Grace off.

Nancy Grace wanted to know why he was attacking John Travolta. And, why Travolta’s private life was anybody’s business. Well, Nancy perhaps he was simply doing the job that CNN was paying him to do in a very objective and professional manner?

I for one took immediate interest in how the news story about the untimely death of Travolta’s son Jett was being reported. For example, “A police statement said that Jett had not been seen since Thursday when a caretaker, Jeff Kathrain, found him unconscious late Friday morning.” That right away suggested to this news commentator, that Jett was left unattended the entire night. Some people actually tune into a CNN news program to catch the latest breaking news on a news story Nancy. They really do not need to be subjected to your moody behavior.

It is really amazing how bulldog Nancy Grace just loves to viciously attack her own guests, for no apparent rhyme or reason.